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Mobile Mental Health Services

What are Mobile Mental Health Services (MMHT)?

There are times when an individual’s illness prevents them from leaving their environment to receive care.

MMHT is person-centered, strength-based, and designed to meet the needs of the individual. MMHT is more intensive than traditional outpatient services and offers a combination of flexible treatment options including a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse, and mental health therapist. MMHT provides individual, family or group therapy.

MMHT offers access to care for individuals who otherwise experience barriers to attending a traditional outpatient setting. MMHT is provided in the individual’s home and/or other community sites that support a counseling environment. The treatment is person-centered and medically necessary to the individual’s needs. Treatment goals support and enhance the function of the individual. The MMHT therapists provide assessments, therapy, and offer appropriate referrals. As the individual’s symptoms and situation stabilize, the mobile treatment team, with the individual’s participation, begins to plan for the transition to a less intensive level of care.


These services are state funded and/or paid for by the Office of Medical Assistance. There is no cost to individuals receiving these services.

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