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Blended Case Management

What Are Blended Case Management (BCM) Services?

Adult BCM Services

This program is designed to coordinate services for men and women to be able to make informed choices about their daily living. Adult Blended Case Management services provides support for Bedford and Somerset County residents, age 18 or older, who are not in high school and are experiencing a mental illness that has led or can lead to a Behavioral Health Hospitalization. Blended Case Managers advocate for the individual to obtain services and individualized resources.

Adult Blended Case Management assists individuals with coordinating services with other providers, directing them to community resources, and connecting them with natural supports that incorporate their own personal strengths.

Our motto: “Helping individuals to help themselves.”

Child/Adolescent BCM Services

This program is designed to address the needs of families with children and adolescents who need assistance in accessing appropriate mental health and other community resources and services. Blended Case Managers will assist families in gaining access to medical, educational, social, and vocational services which focus on healthy family living and planning for strong, successful futures. Blended Case Managers will provide information to families which will help them better understand their child’s mental health struggles and special needs. BCM can enhance existing social supports while providing necessary interventions to prevent out-of-home placements and hospitalizations.

Child/Adolescent services assist individuals and families to build a strong network of community resources and services. BCM will coordinate with other public and/or private agencies in order to ensure that all participants are working toward recovery and healthy living.

Our motto: “Helping children and families to help themselves.”


These services are state funded and/or paid for by the Office of Medical Assistance. There is no cost to individuals receiving these services.


Cornerstone Community Services

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